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Concept / Story

FYTA (meaning: plants) is a conceptual audiotextual performance and curation duo from Athens. some of the central concerns of FYTA are: a rethinking of notions of the ‘radical’ in political art, the debunking of myths of hellenism and hellenic influences in the Western canon, the relationship between underground grassroots art movements and art institutions and the queer art of failure as a somatic expression of resistance. FYTA have curated a number of (usually performance-based) shows working closely with the Athens queer community, as well as produced their own artifacts, ranging from music albums, fauxcumentaries, poetry and installations.

tou fovou.jpeg

Cast & Crew


Elena Akrita

as Logic

Georgios Iatrou

as Orfeas

Diamanti Kritsotaki

as Silvio / OXI

Lito Messini

as Minister of Utopia / Hellas

Nikos Ziaziaris

as Minister of Defense and Safety

Stamatis Pakakis

Antonis Stamopoulos

as Minister of Communication and Information

as Euri

Lambros Tsagkas /  Filippos Vazakas

as the Poet-Guard

Mochi Georgiou, Lia Smaragda, Mariza Tsari

as the Queer Cyber Pirates

Activista, ER Libido, YOTA5, Veronique

as Queer Performers

Tromokratisch, Metatheodosia


Fil Ieropoulos

Direction / Editing

Andriana Minou & Foivos Dousos

Libretto / Script

Alexandros Drosos & Iason Marmaras

Musical Transcription

Andriana Minou, Alexandros Drosos

& Fil Ieropoulos

Original Compositions

Mihalis Gkatzogias

Director of Photography

Alex Dimitriou

Head of Production

Petros Touloudis

Art Direction & Space Design

Anthi Kougia

Associate Director



Elizabeth Petrou

Makeup & Prosthetics

Christos Tziogkas & Mihalis Gkatzogias


Dimitris Manoussiakis

Color Grading

Margarita Athanasiou

Spyros Patsouras


DOP Assistant

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